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Here you’ll find a great personal Life Balance WorkBook to download. Find your strengths, areas that need development and find a great Accountability Partner to work with to keep you on track and to maintain the bests possible balance in your life. 

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Some Free Resources For You

Abundance Consciousness Ebook

Abundance Consciousness Game

Download - play with a friend for maximum impact. Spend a never ending income that keeps growing. Learn about your priorities, mindset ,and have fun along the way.

Dispelling the Myths Ebook

Dispelling Myths

Hypnosis and all that stuff - fact or fiction? Will I get stuck in a trance? Does it really work? Well the answers to those questions are first NO and last YES!

Reframing Negative thoughts Work Book

Got Me Thinking!

This is a mini workbook about transforming your negative thoughts to positive ones. Use the exercises to help yourself out of the strange mind-loops that keep you stuck.

Take a Deep Breath is shown using the text and photo of misty mountains

Deep Breathing Exercise

A short audio that will take your through the process of learning to breathe naturally and to relax. This is a great exercise to use at any moment in a day when you want to simply relax and rest..

Silhouette of person doing yoga crosslegged against sunshine

Download the e-books and audios to help you develop a more mindful and proactive approach to life.

Harmonious Stacked Stones, Zen, AI Generated

Sample Self-Hypnosis

Follow along with this simple procedure and begin the process of self-hypnosis. Practise daily to develop the skills and slow down Add in positive statements that help build you up and to grow more confident.