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55 came and went.

Then 60 rapidly approached!

Will you be living life with purpose, intention and passion, or are you feeling somewhat lost and uncertain? Don’t let that stop you! Now is the time to learn to navigate uncertain landscapes, to build resilience and move forward with absolute confidence!

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When I got to these milestones it was a very scary realisation and wake up call. After many years working overseas I was suddenly ‘too old’ for a new visa! I initially felt that my life was over. What to do with all my energy? I’d always been defined by my work – my career. It was all about identity. So what next? It was a very uncertain landscape to navigate and it can be tough on your own. 

You’re a successful woman, in your late 50s, still wanting to continue growing. Thinking about your future, you possibly feel nagging doubts and uncertainty about your tomorrow. It’s so easy to get stuck and those old mind loops keep us spinning and ruminating. 

Whether you’re considering a new career or a complete lifestyle change, let’s work together and transform your inner world so it makes your outer world shine and sparkle. Working with me you will gain renewed confidence and self-belief; reduced anxiety and stress; get clear about successfully navigating uncertainty. 

Using a range of powerful integrated therapies including MindfulnessCognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, and Resilience Building to rejuvenate the inner you.

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom | Aristotle

statement be all you can be - Kathy Roots

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