Are you

Surviving or Thriving?

Teachers At A Crossroads

If your joy in teaching has diminished...
If you've sense of meaning & purpose...
It's time to take stock & review?

What We Do

  • We help women teachers, SENCOs, assistants, managers, heads – who are stuck at a crossroads to get unstuck and move forward – at speed! 
  • You’ve probably been teaching for around 20 years or more, but the joy and satisfaction have gone for a whole variety of reasons. 
  • You’re feeling burnt out, stressed and jaded. 
  • You know you need something to change, but what? Teaching has always been your passion.


Treat yourself to a bit of time out. Get a fresh perspective on the situation and make empowered decisions (which doesn’t necessarily mean leaving teaching). 

Start a conversation with Brenda or Kathy. Begin the journey to reclaim and reaffirm your worth and value as a teacher. 

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Start Your Conversation

Being at a crossroads can be a painful & perplexing dilemma. Take the time to clear the fog & get clarity about next steps

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Create A Skills Inventory

When work is crazy, we easily forget how skilled we are. Here’s an opportunity to reclaim your incredible skills, qualities & potential.

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Join Reboot & Reset

Reboot & Reset will help you out of the frustration of burnout and stress. Reflect on who you are, what you do & what lies ahead, through an exciting process of discovery. 

Starting afresh

Step Into Your Empowered Future!

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