Our Therapeutic & Wellness Solutions

We provide a range of therapeutic solutions from Smoking Cessation and Sleeplessness to specialist therapies for mature women. Our mission is to help you learn and use techniques and strategies that will quickly reduce anxiety, build resilience and develop the confidence you need to live your best life.

Online via Zoom or, in-person where possible.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH)

Hypnotherapy is a great way to help you calm your mind and inner self, to become receptive to positive suggestions; CBT identifies & works with the link between thought, feeling and behaviour. Combined, these become a powerful solution in your life.

Mindfulness Practices

We can all benefit by finding a modicum of peace in a day and learning to be totally in the present moment. Learning the skills of Mindfulness is a radical means of slowing down, paying attention, & being curious - without judgement. Take control of your inner environment.


Coaching to help you move, step by step toward your goals. Sometimes you just need someone in your corner, cheering you on. Working together makes sure you have a clear plan, with reviews to check progress adjust where necessary.

Positive Psychology

Drawing on the 1950s Humanistic Psychology, and the more recent work of Dr Martin Seligman, our focus here is on strengths rather than weakness, on thriving rather than surviving. We work with what is 'right with people' in order to boost their essential core strengths.

Treatment Programmes

Sessions are normally 60-minutes one-to-one | or a package of sessions | online via Zoom or in-person where possible

Treatment puts you in control and helps reduce anxiety and stress. When practised consistently you will build confidence and resilience for living your best life.

A single 60-minute session £60.

Usually includes an personalised audio.

(We have a sliding scale 

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