ducks on a pond in a row with one pigeon included

Are Your Ducks In A Row – Really?

My ducks are absolutely not in a row

How Often Are Your Ducks Really In A Row?

OK you women out there who are approaching their 60s, raise your hands. I came across this quote, which made me laugh at my own absurdity of trying to be perfect in everything I do because it summed up the way life really is!

👉 “My ducks are absolutely not in a row. I don’t even know where some of them are…and I’m. pretty sure one of them is a pigeon” 👈

😕 Let’s face it, life at this stage is less “adulting like a boss” and more “wading through the day like a confused duck.”

✅ Remember when we thought having our ducks in a row was the key to success? Hilarious!

😩 Now, half my ducks are MIA, one might be a pigeon, and the rest are probably napping in the bathtub.

But hey, at least we’re not alone in this delightful chaos!

Here’s to the women who embrace the glorious craziness and lack of perfection.

🤣 😂 We may not have all our ducks together, but at least we’ll have a good laugh along the way.

P.S. If you find a rogue duck with a penchant for glitter and rom-coms, it might be mine. 😂

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