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The Intersection Effect

The intersection can provide us with great transformative opportunities and often for moments of unexpected laughter.

Learning, Laughing, and Living Through Life’s Intersections

In our lifeʼs journey we often arrive at various crossroads or intersections. These usually denote the turning points, those moments of decision that can alter our pathway forever. They provide us the great opportunity for transformative learning, for moments of unexpected laughter, and provide a fresh approach to living life a little more passionately. In the realm of both professional and personal development, these intersections can be so pivotal and important.

The Intersection of Learning

When we first find ourselves at an intersection it may not always be the most comfortable of places. But, with an open mind we can develop a growing recognition that in any situation, there’s always something new to learn. I recall a friend long ago telling me that sometimes when we’re faced with the need to make a big decision connected to uncertainty, there is often:

something to know rather than something to do!Learning in Article image

In this context this could mean expanding your knowledge, getting new skills, or simply learning to step out of your snug comfort zone.

For example, at the moment, Iʼm pretty involved with people who are approaching retirement age – including myself. A few are thinking about transitioning from employee to entrepreneur – a big step that might be as intimidating as it is exhilarating.

It might be accompanied by the need to learn new skills such as small business planning, online entrepreneurship or managing the financial aspects of a small business. Even though it could be a real challenge in just knowing where to start, the rewards can be immeasurable in terms of people and new situations you’re very likely to intersect with along the way.

Whatever the case, and whatever the transition or intersection, it is true that learning – as far as Iʼm concerned – should intensify as the decades pass. It helps keep your brain agile and constantly making new connections. I also believe that ultimately it inspires or maintains, a youthful curiosity and outlook on life.

As we concentrate on the learning aspects of the intersections, we should equally toss in a whole load of laughter.

The Intersection of Laughter

Occasionally I hear people bemoan the intersections, or crossroads. They see them as beset with problems and issues that will inevitably weigh them down. But I think that perspective is all about your particular mindset and the thought we choose to think. I often feel very grateful that I’ve been blessed with a good dose of humour (mostly appropriate!).

Even when things seem dark, and the peaks insurmountable, I find myself breaking the impasse with aspects of humour, like suddenly imagining – or imagingʼ the funny side of things. This 60-something pivoter, in cartoon fashion suddenly thrown into a situation of morphing into something new, and the visuals, the colours and craziness can be pretty amazing!

Laughter in article imageCreating a lighter, more optimistic perspective can quash the seriousness, and it just makes things a little brighter. An injection of humour is all you need for effective stress relief when you’re navigating lifeʼs intersections. So for me, humour, laughter, is not just important, but an essential ingredient, enabling us to break through any of the challenges we face – even here on Linkedin, which can sometimes be quite a sober platform!

I guess at the end of the day and especially for the 60- something pivoters out there, we have the great benefit of hindsight. We have decades of experience to draw on, times where everything that could go wrong has gone wrong – and yet we survived intact to retell the stories, usually with a large amount of humour thrown in. So rather than let uncertainty get you down – especially at our age, laughing at the absurdity of it all can really lift your spirits. It’s a very powerful tool for maintaining emotional health and sanity as we explore our potential futures.

The Intersections of Self Care & Mindfulness

In sum, I think living through career or other life transitions, means embracing change and living in the moment with a positive mindset. It’s about recognising the journey over the destination, the process over the outcome.

Avoid getting too caught up in the minutiae, especially those things that are outside of your control at this very moment inSelf care in article image time! Also take time for your personal self-care and staying in the moment. Find ways to be with yourself. Schedule time and activities that bring you immense pleasure. These are the means for offsetting any of the hairier transition moments, like knowing youʼre off for a spa, or a long hike tomorrow means putting to one side anything that’s worrying you.

Making proactive choices to live fully through these experiences instead of rushing past them in an attempt to reach destination, will bring a far deeper sense of satisfaction and joy, that will ultimately transmit to your career path anyway.

Embracing the ‘Intersection Effectʼ

The Intersection Effect – learning, laughing, and living through life’s crossroads, can help soften the anxiety that is often associated with facing big life changes and transitions. It really is all about embracing change because thatʼs also what helps keep you open to opportunities out there.

When standing at that old crossroads, remember it’s not simply a shift in your job or role. It’s far more of an opportunity for developing yourself, learning, finding humour in the occasional chaos, and truly looking for and living the experiences it offers.

So, when you find yourself at these intersections, take a moment to pause; look around, and decide your path. And as you do, remember to learn, laugh, and live – it’s your journey, after all.

In the grand scheme of things, the intersections are not just about the decisions we make, but the new journey they set us on – and that too may have it’s twist and turns.


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